Sunday, February 10, 2013

C4T #1

Jabiz Raisdana's Post Tell Me the Story of My Life 

Jabiz Raisdana is an English teacher and IT coach at Sinarmas World Academy. In his post Tell Me the Story of My Life, he tells about he chose a Photo of the Day everyday for a year and posted them on Flickr. He goes beyond just wanting people to look at them and think "Oh what great pictures!" He wants the viewer to be inspired by them to write a song or a poem or a short story. Whatever their creative juices move them to do. All he asks is that if they do this they send whatever they create back to him and then share the photos with others. He is excited to see what others will tell him about his life; no matter how random the thought, he feels that it may kindle a flame in someone else.

I really thought this idea was a great one! To use the experiences of your life to inspire others and then have them tell what they think is your story back to you. We, as educators, strive to inspire just as Jabiz does. Instead of doing it through lectures and words, however, he does it through beautiful photos.

Jabiz Raisdana's Post Community, Content, and Commodity

In this post, Jabiz discusses the problem with sharing personal work on sights such as Instagram and Facebook. He personally doesn't mind others viewing and using his work as long as they attribute it to the appropriate place. The problem is that Facebook and other such sites take one's work and profit from it themselves. This being said, he values the communities that are built on the Internet and that we should have a say in when and how they're shared. He's promoting that we, as Internet users, don't build these communities on just one site. We need to branch out and build many of them.

I couldn't agree more with his thoughts on online communities. They are an important part of our culture. It horrifies me that they be exploited for profit and I hope that if/when we discover they are, we have the courage to rebuild our community in another place.

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  1. Dear Sarah,
    I loved how happy and almost proud you seem to be by these two blogs and what they have done for others. I never would have thought to use a picture I took long ago as a teaching method let alone letting it out on the internet. I am glad that you have been inspired by Mr. Jabiz to see whatever you have as an opening for your students. I was also impressed that someone has finally addressed the issues of using an idea or topic on-line in your own work without making it seem as if you stole from them. In school I hated it when someone else used my idea for themselves and never once bothered to say thank you. I have been afraid to use any ideas from the internet but now I know how to respect another's work while using it in my classroom. Thank you. I look forward to following Mr. Jabiz in the future.
    Cari Raymond