Sunday, March 3, 2013

C4K Summary for February

IBAdam's Post

IBAdam is a student in Mr. Cometti's 9th grade World History class. His assignment was to create a post on what he thought people during the World War I would put on YouTube. He mentioned all sorts of events of the era such as the atomic bomb and women's rights. He also made the point that there would be things unrelated to the war, such as cat videos, much like today. I commented that I had always been interested in WWI and asked him what he found particularly fascinating about the time.

Trent W's Post

Trent is a 2nd grader in Mrs. Balenstrin's class in Ontario, Canada. For his blog post, he wrote about an exciting hockey game that he played in. He told the story of how they won the game and got pizza afterward. I commented that his game sounded exciting and asked what kind of pizza they ate after.

Gloria's Post

Gloria is a year 6 student in Miss. King's class at Pt England School in New Zealand. Her latest post was on her trip to the beach over their holiday. She described her adventures building a sandcastle and burying her little brother in the sand. I commented and told her about how I live near a beach and love to go. I also asked if they used anything to decorate their sandcastle.

Forrest's Post

Forrest is a 10th grade student at Baldwin County High School. He posted about the ten lies that he thinks his school tells the students. They included a range of concerns from having a drug and weapon free environment to not being able to chew gum in class and being in uniform. I told him that maybe these weren't lies necessarily but rather what administrators thought the ideal environment would be like. I also asked him which of these he was the most concerned with. 

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