Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Assignment #15

Blog Assignment #1 Revisited 

When I first discussed my classroom I said that I planned on keeping my students engaged with a more hands on approach to learning. I would have them become engaged in the literature we would discuss and have them discuss things in groups. I described it as controlled chaos. That much hasn't changed, but how I would go about creating that sort of atmosphere has.

Now when I picture my classroom, I see students with iPads or at computers blogging about what we've read and their reactions to it. I see them discussing their thoughts and posing their questions to the world instead of just to me or their direct group of 20 or so peers. I see us using Skype to talk to other classes and experts on certain topics. I see us creating Wikis and coming up with other projects that allow them to test the limits of their creativity.

There will still be some pencil and paper aspects to the classroom because that is inevitable for the time being, but I don't see my classroom as a traditional one in which we read a work, I lecture and then they take a test. I think having my students use technology to engage in the works will hopefully enhance their love and understanding of literature.

Final Reflection 

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