Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Assignment #12

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Make Your Own 

For this week's assignment, Dr. Strange asked us to create our own assignment in our field of study. At first, I was super nervous. How can I figure out a project of my own? Then I got excited! This is what being a teacher is all about, creating our own assignments. I'm a Secondary Ed/Language Arts major, so naturally my assignment will reflect that. 

For my assignment, I would have my students visit a site called The Story Starter. This site randomly generates over 3 million prompts. Once they have found a prompt, I would have them write the beginning of  a short story (at least 2 paragraphs) based on that prompt. 

Here's my shot at it......

The nervous radio announcer scribbled a note in a broken elevator for the hunter. When he started his search for his long-lost family, he never would've dreamed it would come to this. As he contemplated the contents of his note, he looked back on how his journey began.

Greg was just your average guy. In his late thirties, he was a loner by nature and that was how he liked. He wasn't completely alone though. He did have a cat, Rufus, who lived with him in his one bedroom apartment above the radio studio where he worked. You see, Greg was the weather announcer for the local AM channel and he took his job very seriously; maybe a little too seriously for a local, daytime show. Like I said before, Greg was a loner. An orphan from the time he was born, he had no family to speak of and no friends either for that matter. So, it was a complete shock when a letter came from someone claiming to be his elder brother and begging for his help. 

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  1. Hey Sarah!

    First of all, great post! That is a very creative assignment and I love your prompt. I would definitely keep reading this short story. I think that you will make a great English teacher. Keep up the good work!

    W. Fincher